bathroom kitchen floor


   As we are only three years away from a new millenium, we invite you to change your way of thiking, regarding the use of ceramic tiles and marble in your bathrooms, kitchen, and floors.

   For decades Creamic tiles and marbles were the only two products, without any alternatives in the market, that have been used  for these purposes. Now architects, contractors, and home owners are looking  for a novelty and for something original to decorate their homes. We feel that right time has come, to start the 21 st century with something different in your bathrooms, kitcenhs and floors, and that is glass mosaic. With more than 90 luminous colors, 5 different sizes, shapes, and the choice of mixing the colors you like, Betebe gives you unlimited possibilities. In addition to that, our glass mosaics are resistant to chemicals (acids) and physical aggression, that makes  them easy to clean, without harming their surface. With such a superior product, our main objective for te next century will be to decorate, at least, one part of our every household with glass mosaics, even if it is only the counter of your kitchen