quality policy

   Betebe ® is Turkey's first glass mosaic manufacturer. In this respect, glass mosaics in Turkey are known and called as "betebe". Our company, which has been in the sector for more than half a century, continues its activities with its knowledge and experience.Our brand means confidence and guarantee for our customers about product quality.Our products are manufactured according to quality standards wchich are controlled in every process. Our Quality Policy can be summarized as follows.

• To provide customer satisfaction
• To produce our mosaic products according to quality standards.
• To always improve our production methods, in order to be up to date. 
• To  determine new targets  to increase our quality and efficiency levels.
• To Improve our mosaic quality with innovative approaches.
    Our  service  target is "to do It right the First Time, by making no errors". It is our indispensable principle that we deliver our services and products, on time, without any  defects and problems.