Our company's mission is to meet all expectations of our customers, including the following: 

Producing environmental friendly, 100% recycled, and sustainable products.  Providing services and products by our fast, competitive and dynamic work force, in order to meet our customers'  expectations. 
Contributing to the economy of the country and the region,  By taking important roles in the development of our activity areas with our existing and new services,  being a permanent entrepreneur,  As an innovative company, behind the desire to shape the future and its determination to produce innovations that are useful to humanity.
Being based on human-focused work, 
To base all quality plans on customer satisfaction,
To take the principle of working with experts in our field,
Being a worldwide brand, To produce glass mosaics and ceramics which can be used in accordance with the standards with customer needs and desires. Product Quality is the most important indicator that determines the success of our company. It is our mission to manufacture products at top level in this regard. Responding to the expectations of our customers, achieving  their respect and trust.