Mosaics are one of the most ancient cultural signs in the history of humanity. Nowadays, Betebe Inc. makes it possible to rediscover it again, revivivg tradition and modernity at the sams time. Established in the 50’s, Betebe Inc. is proud to present itself as one of the three largest companies in Europe, and the leader in Production of glass mosaics in Turkey.Betebe has come this far,only,by having made no compromises, at all times, from Mr.Fethi Tanalay’s sound strategic Vision; founder of this company and one of the greatest pioneers in the Turkish glass industry.His strategic vision has been followed by us throughout all  these years, which has been to improve, steadily, the Quality of Betebe glass mosaics, by putting great emphasis on Research & Development. In addition too that his majör objective has been to optimize customer service to guarantee total customer satisfaction.